Meet Bill Wheelen

Fighting for the survival of the American Dream

A little about my background.

I fought my way against all odds from poverty to success.  I was hired as a janitor and became a successful Wall Street Equity Trader. 

I was born of a fighter.  My father was placed in an orphanage at an early age because his family could not feed him.  His formal education went no further than the sixth grade.

My parents married and had three children.  My father fought to give us the best possible life he could.  He worked full-time and filled his off hours with side work.  Living very modestly in an inner city apartment, my father would not eat dinner until my mother and we three boys had eaten.  He would eat only what was leftover. My father successfully fought to kept our family together and fed.  He succeeded. 

We had very little growing up, but I learned about work ethic, the importance of education and family.  We got by.  Because of family, my two brothers and I all lived the American Dream.

I didn’t just cruise through from inner city poverty to the American Dream.  The road was fraught with highs and lows. There was a drug epidemic in the 1970’s, much like today killing thousands.  I had to fight my way through the prejudice and mindset of low expectations associated with the inner city poor, but I never gave up.  I kept fighting.

When it looked like I was beaten and on the mat for the last time, I was hired to do maintenance at a Wall Street firm where my brother worked.  Although it was only a maintenance position, it changed my life.  Ultimately while hanging pictures in the office of one of the managers, I saw that he was having his shirts custom tailored. I saw this as an opportunity to achieve and decided to fight for it.  Inspired,  I worked my way up from maintenance worker to Equity Trader.  I became successful.  

Now it is time to give back what was so freely given to me.  I will never stop fighting for our great country.

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