Protecting Americans; The Border


Fentanyl is killing our children, terrorists are threatening our national security, sex traffickers are enslaving desperate migrants and our health care system is overburdened as a result of a self-inflicted crisis at the US-Mexico border.


Joe Biden, with Rep. Frankel’s support, has encouraged people from throughout the world to defy our laws and walk across our southern border.  Rep Frankel has not been to our border with Mexico; instead she has abdicated control of southern border to the Mexican drug cartel and put our country and its people in peril.

Sadly we cannot blame only the Democrats for creating this humanitarian crisis.  Spineless arm-chair Republicans have also stayed silent, tacitly permitting the atrocities to continue. Unaccustomed to true adversity, they stay silent as We the People suffer the results of their betrayal.

Florida deserves a Representative in Washington who will not stay silent while this great Country and its People are harmed by forces within itself. I am that fighter!  I have faced adversity and fought for opportunity.  I never stopped fighting even when winning seemed impossible. I will take this fighting spirit to the halls of the State Senate.  I will NEVER stay silent - My voice will clearly advocate for We the People of Florida.


Here are some things to consider:

  • Biden, with the complete support of Lois Frankel has opened our borders to the world in defiance of our immigration laws. 
  • In a single year, over 2 million persons were encountered when they illegally crossed our border with Mexico.
  • The encountered lawbreakers were released into our Country’s interior without monitoring, effective background checks or testing for communicable disease such as COVID-19.
  • This record number of “catch and release” continues to rise daily and does not include the migrants that evaded border patrol.
  • These illegal border crossers were not tested for COVID-19 or other communicable diseases before being released into our interior.
  • Many were flown on commercial airlines at taxpayer expense to the US city of their choice.  Unlike Americans, no ID was required to fly and no COVID testing was performed.
  • Biden, with the support of Rep Frankel, has given the Mexican Cartel (coyotes) control over the southern border region.  The Cartel, not the American people, are determining who and what enters our country.
  • Persons from all countries are crossing into our great Country including Pakistan, Libya, Somalia, Iran as well as persons on the terrorist watch list.
  • Our border with Mexico is open to persons from all backgrounds including known gang members, drug dealers, child molesters and previously deported violent criminals.
  • Many of these migrants are desperately searching for a better life.  Sadly, these most vulnerable are also victims of the cartels. 
  • Vulnerable migrants are used by the Cartel as mules, with deadly results, to transport drugs into the USA.
  • A tsunami of Fentanyl freely flows through our southern border and is now the leading cause of death of young Americans.
  • The Cartel uses vulnerable women and children to divert attention from their activities.  These vulnerable women and children are not volunteers, they are victims also:
    • Most have been raped and abused on the journey
    • Many are sold into indentured servitude and prostitution to pay the  Cartel’s smuggling fee.
    • Many do not survive the journey.
  • Numerous lawbreakers have been clandestinely transported to Palm Beach County and released - the full support of Rep Frankel.   Let’s be clear:
    • They have been dropped off in our community under cover of night;
    • No notice was provided to Florida State agencies;
    • Many or most had COVID and no means of support
    • We don’t know their backgrounds or where they are now.
  • Likewise, thousands of “caught and released” illegal migrants have been clandestinely transported to many other cities across the country where they were similarly released.


The Solution:  

I will put forth and support legislation to:

  • Finish the wall.  Walls work.  The materials are laying at the border rusting and the contractors are being paid NOT to complete the work.
  • Re-dedicate border patrol to border enforcement work only.   Currently these agents are tasked with delivering diapers, baby formula and other life sustaining essentials to the tsunami of illegal immigrants. 
  • Reinstate and codify President Trump’s remain in Mexico policy. 
  • Make any beneficial changes to immigration law using the legislative process and not political fiat.

America is in trouble. We must fight through every action to save our great country.  I am a born fighter. I am a proven fighter. I have faced adversity and seized opportunity.  I never backed down even when winning seemed impossible. I will take this fighting spirit to the halls of the State Senate.  I will NEVER stay silent - My voice will always clearly advocate for We the People of Florida.







On AUGUST 23, 2022,


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