Soaring prices on everything from bananas to gasoline to housing is consuming the buying power of American families today.  Biden’s failed policies, backed by Lois Frankel, have needlessly inflicted a “tax of inflation” on the American people.  I will fight in Washington, DC for policies that will stop inflation and return prices to their right size.

What is inflation?

Inflation exists when prices go up and the purchasing power of money goes down.  Too much money pursues too few goods and shortages occur.


Does inflation impact everyone equally?

No! Middle and lower income households are hurt most by inflation. Biden-inflation is a regressive “tax” - the less a household earns, the more impacted it is with inflation. The less a household earns, the higher proportion of their income must be spent on food and shelter. Even if they have experienced wage increases, their money does not buy as much as their prior earnings prior to Biden inflation.


What is driving Biden inflation today, and more importantly, what I will do about it:

  1. Energy, up over 30%.   Biden cut off our domestic supply of oil without providing an alternative source of energy.  Our demand for oil did not change.  Americans still need energy from oil.  He reduced our supply but left demand unchanged. Rep Frankel supported this Biden policy, so now we have to import oil, it’s more costly and there is less of it available.

Solution: I will support and put forth legislation to once again make the USA energy independent. My legislation will:

a.  encourage the search and production of a reliable clean alternative energy source; and

b.  reauthorize the Keystone Pipeline and lift restrictions on oil leases on federal lands until such time as a reliable alternative energy source becomes available.


  1. Surging rents and home prices.   The rising cost of energy and the ongoing worker shortage have fueled the rising cost of materials and labor. Further adding to Biden inflation, he has directed pressure on the Federal Reserve to cause it to continue artificial pressure on the housing market causing artificially low mortgage rates long after it was necessary or beneficial.  The Feds purchase of $15 billion of mortgage-backed bonds each month has caused a surge in housing prices.                                            

Solution:  I will support and put forth legislation to:

a. reverse the Biden easy money policy blunders; and

b.  reduce the artificial pressure on the housing market.


  1. Ongoing worker shortage.  Biden relief benefits and his excessive overregulation, backed by Rep. Frankel, have caused the labor participation rate to drop to about 61%. These relief benefits currently provide up to $100,000 for the unemployed incentivizing  many Americans NOT to work. To be clear, his policy has encouraged people to chose not to work in order to instead receive up to $100,000 in relief benefits. Rep Frankel backed Build Back Better would create additional work disincentives and result in millions more Americans opting not to work.

Solution:  I will support and put forth legislation to tie benefits to work. If a job is available and the person is qualified for the job, the person would be required to take the job or be denied relief benefits.  My legislation would incentivize workers to go back to work, thus creating more goods and services and lowering prices.


  1. Sourcing aka supply chain.  Biden, with Rep Frankel’s support has excessively over regulated the American workers that we depend upon.  He has villainized the workers that American’s called heroes during the pandemic.  Excessive over-regulations, including unnecessary vaccine mandates, have created worker shortages.  Worker shortages results in fewer goods produced.  Fewer goods produced means fewer products get to market, shelves become empty and prices rise because there are less goods available to meet consumer demand.  We have less dock workers to unload ships in the ports.  We have less truck drivers to deliver the goods.

Solution:  I will support and put forth legislation to remove forced vaccination and reign in the dictatorial power of the Biden administration.


The American Dream is under attack by Lois Frankel and the Democrats.  Strong, principled advocates of our American ideals and principles must serve in the State Senate if we are to save our great country.  Weak Republican leaders cannot or choose not to fight. I am such a strong leader.  I am a born fighter. I am a proven fighter. I have faced adversity and seized opportunity.  I will not back down even if winning seems impossible. I will take this fighting spirit to the floor.  I will NEVER stay silent - My voice will always clearly advocate for We the People of Florida.








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