Bill Wheelens Priorities

Our Schools

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Clean Up Florida's
Natural Resources

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Florida's Seniors

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Parental Rights

Parents know what is best for their children's safety, health and well-being. I will sponsor legislation that will return parents to their rightful position of primary decision maker in all matters effecting their children.


Protect Our Schools

Mass shootings appear to be almost commonplace these days. Taking away gun rights from law abiding citizens would not have saved a single life in Uvalde, Texas. We must harden our schools with additional security measures such as armed security based on the model of Manatee School of The Arts.



Religious Freedom

Anti-Semitism and religious intolerance is on the rise. l will continue to loudly and forcefully stand against voices that seek to infringe upon the peaceful practice of all religions.

Clean Up Florida's Natural Resources

Florida's waterways are essential to our way of life, to tourism and to our economy. Floridians love to fish, love to boat and simply love the water. I support Gov. DeSantis' in his goal to fully restore the Everglades. There have been fantastic results, but we are far from finished.

Protecting Florida's Seniors

Florida deserves a Representative who will not stay silent while this great Country and its People are harmed by forces within itself. I am that fighter!

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